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Welcome to the Jim Knowles Group

The Jim Knowles Group is a team of specialist consultants in work health and safety (WHS), Risk Management and training. Jim Knowles Group brings together people with a wide range of skills and experience, both practical and theoretical. The Group provides a full range of WHS, Ergonomics, Risk Management, Auditing and WHS Training Services to a broad range of industries including mining, power generation, marine services, building construction, aviation and heavy industry. It encourages a ‘zero accident tolerance’ philosophy and promotes prevention through appropriate training and education of the workforce and the development and implementation of high quality WHS and Risk Management systems and procedures.

Jim Knowles Consulting Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Registration number 5887) licenced to train in all states and territories of Australia.

Accredited Training offered:

  • Conduct safety and health investigations (RIIWHS301D)
  • Conduct local risk control (RIIRIS201D)
  • Apply risk management processes – G1 (RIIRIS301D)
  • Carry out the risk management process – G2 (RIIIS402D)
  • Apply ergonomics to manage WHS hazards and risks (BSBWHS607A)

Aims and Objectives of the Group

The Group’s aim is to provide world class standard Work Health and Safety and Risk Management services to a range of industries throughout Australia and internationally to achieve the goal of ‘Zero Harm’ in its client organisations.

The Group’s objectives are to:

  • Provide timely, prompt advice and service from qualified professional personnel to our clients.
  • Deliver well-written reports that are understood and used by our clients.
  • Communicate accurate and up-to-date information in a form that is readily useable by and acceptable to our clients.
  • Conduct high quality training and education programs (some of which are accredited) which target the needs of the participants and their employer organisations.
  • Encourage our clients to undertake regular monitoring and evaluation of their WHS performance against their own and external standards and benchmarks
  • Establish a basis for ongoing improvements in WHS performance in our client organisations.


Our target markets are high-risk industries such as mining, heavy manufacturing, aviation, marine, ground transportation, construction, forestry and power generation and power distribution. It is here that our consultants believe that they have been able to apply their experience and knowledge for the maximum benefit of the client.

However, the principles of risk management that we advocate can be adapted to any industry including food processing, retail and government sectors and we have a number of clients in these areas.

The Jim Knowles Group is also increasingly working internationally providing risk management services to mining companies in South Africa, South America, New Zealand, China and South-East Asia.



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